Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ugh, that sucked! Round 1

Welcome to life post-chemo.  Chemo was Friday.  This is now Wednesday.  My hair has changed texture already - no bueno, but it's gonna happen.  My mind has been to mud and is on it's way back.  Nothing tastes good, already.  There is a vague nausea still, but crackers and water are my friend.  My bones hurt - the neulasta keeping my blood counts up.  I have no energy and still not sleeping well.

I made brownies yesterday... the first thing that has felt normal.  I took Colby to school today... normal.  The church ladies are eating out for lunch later... perhaps a waste of money for my appetite, but normal.  I have a list of things to accomplish on the bathroom mirror... the ultimate dry erase board.  Normal.  The laundry is spinning and dishes waiting.  Normal.  No clue what to get Tom for his birthday.  Sadly, normal.

The hair adventure tomorrow.  The American Cancer Society wig lady.  I will send my mom home tomorrow with my sister, and find life on our own again on Friday.  No school for the kids, so a lazy day at home, minus the dentist x 2, Parisi speed school for Evan, and probably buddies to play with.

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