Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

An inch of ice predicted, 7 inches of snow on top of that for the next 2 days.  This is snow day #6 or 7 this school year.  The must do list included the bank to deposit a little check before I forgot about it (or lost it!), the post office to mail taxes to the cpa, the library to get E a new book, and DG for valentines and candy.  If we are going to be snowed in, let's be productive about it.  Tom teases me about my Protestant Work Ethic.  Man, he's right!  I used to do my taxes, until Tom pointed out one year that I owed $900, and was not getting back the $1100 refund I thought I was.  Hmm, worth the $$ since then.  It's mid afternoon, and I am sure E is on page 100 or so of the new book.  Glad that he loves to read.  C is on cup #57 of chocolate milk.  We only have 3 gallons left, Child, and it's Snowmageddon.  Probably should start to ration that.  C's valentines are done, not much thanks to him.  He wrote his name on about 10 of them, but had 35 or so to do.  I wanted the table back, so I finished them for him.  Not worth the fight! I have a feeling we are in for a challenge when he starts kdg in the fall and has to do homework for real.

On the 2011 NY Resolutions, I am failing Weight Watchers miserably for the ? fifth or so time.  Gastric bypass frequently doesn't sound so bad, but it would do nothing to help the small boys.  Coupons, not so bad.  I could become quite OCD with that habit.  It's kinda fun to score the deals, even if I don't really need the "stuff."  Donated 4 bottles of lotion to the food bank when I cleaned out the bathroom closet after Christmas.  Sometimes, it's just the high of the deal.  So glad T doesn't mind.