Thursday, June 12, 2014

TBT/ Thankful Thursday

Throwback Thursday... cause every blog post needs a picture!

Hmm...  September 2006.  The car was about 2 weeks old, Evan was 4 1/2 and Colby was 11 months old.  Just cause it's a cute picture!

Thankful Thursday...

A year ago today was surgery.  Thankful that we are a year away from that.  There are still plenty of days when I look in the mirror and feel quite mangled, despite reconstruction, but I don't feel so broken, lost and sick.  Thankful that we had Mike, Lynn, Rose, Becky and my mom with us at the hospital that day, and many more before and since then.

We have used the pool pass more in June than we did all of last summer - making some better memories this year.

Good liver function tests at the Primary Care doc's after some bad ones at the Onc a few weeks ago.  It's kinda scary when the Onc says come back in 6 weeks and probably scan after being on a 3 month schedule.  Thankful to be able to take back normal numbers to him.

Five acres of farmland that represented hope and our future when I needed something to focus on last year.  We will close on our 5 acres in the country next week, selling to someone who will plan his future there.  I got invested in and excited by someone else's dreams when we bought it, not really thinking through who Tom and I are.  That was ok at the time, as it served as an anchor last year in the midst of our storm.

Thankful for a getaway in Branson last week.  It was short and jam-packed, as we followed my niece's band itinerary, and apparently high school kids should not have any down time to get into trouble 2 states away from their parents!  Her band opened for the Haygood's, then Silver Dollar City, then Dixie Stampede, then the Titanic Museum, then Meramec Caverns, then home!  Shwoo, a crazy 3 days.  But so glad to see my brother and sister-in-law and their family, and to be able to take my mom as well.  The best part had to be her giggling like a school girl on one of the water raft rides at SDC.
Grandma Betsy and Colby, waiting for Evan and cousin Erin to ride the roller coaster behind them.

G'ma B and Evan in the cave at Meramec.

And one big thankful... for the father of our kids.  I'm not sure which one of us has it worse (or better) this summer - him working while we are snoozing in the early mornings, or me chasing kids mid-morning and working evenings.  I'm thankful he's in this crazy game of life with me, sharing and tag-teaming kids, dreaming and scheming for our future together, taking care of me and this bum arm & chest.  You weren't so sure of yourself when the rugrats were little, but you do a great job with them now that they walk, talk, mostly listen and are housebroken.

Love you and thank you, Handsome.