Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Birthday Party

It's spring break here in the cornfield. We gave Evan a choice for his bday party. We could do the 2 hour, $200, 20 friend party somewhere, or we could do the 2 day, $200 fill the truck & car party. He opted for the latter. Tom took the day off on Monday and we took 6 kids to the zoo. 4.5 miles and 6 hours later, they still had energy. They played in the yard till dark. It was so stinkin' nice, I fed them outside cause they wouldn't come in and fix pizza or eat. I had to drag them in for cake and ice cream so Tom could go to bed. Redbox was kind enough to have "Where The Wild Things Are" in stock. Most of the boys had not seen it. At 1130, the ones still awake finally stumbled to bed. I had to wake up 4/6 at 915 the next morning. All in all, a great day.

Evan and I got a Sony walkman mp3 player to share. I am smarter than it, sometimes. I have figured out how to rip cd's, but our newer ones are "Enhanced" with anti-piracy crap, so I haven't figured out how to get around those to rip them. I bought Taylor Swift once, I am not buying and downloading her a second time!

We shipped Mom to Ft. Worth for a long weekend, and the kids had a good time at the airport picking her up and seeing some of the stuff we have talked about. Evan and Colby flew when they were 5 and 18 months, but neither one remembers. Dang it!
Can we fly somewhere?
Yep, got $1000?
I got $10.
Nope, that won't get any of us a ticket.

Typing of flying, my husband thinks he is going to Hawaii soon for work. I hope he goes and has a great time in amongst those 14 hour work days. Maybe he'll scout stuff for a vacation for us. I am not at a point where I could leave the kids, school, work, speech, baseball, scouts, preschool, and pre-k to my parents or in-laws for a week.

It's an exciting life, my friends!