Monday, February 18, 2013


Hey, BlogWorld, I am just busy living life on the good days and weeks.

There is a pattern to life, if you are wondering.  Chemo is crap every other Friday.  I am useless til about Tuesday, coming out of the drug/ fatigue coma on Wednesday and Thursday, and good to work the weekend.  So it's a chemo weekend or a work weekend til mid-May.  As chemo progresses, there is a cumulative build-up and it's harder to bounce back, so I am doing as much working as I can while I still can.

My sister and mom did the wig thing with me on Thursday.  Hair should fall out this weekend.  Anyone up for a shave party?  We met the Radiology Oncologist as well.  He is a nice, very soft-spoken guy with I am guessing an Indian background, but natively english-speaking.  Was that politically correct?  He had the nicest manners in asking if he could remove my gown for the 40th cop-a-feel of my month.  It was a good, if anxiety-producing day.  Glad it's done, won't wear the wig often, but will not look sick taking care of your loved one.

Friday was just errands, I think.  Kids teeth, haircut for the wig, sports for Evan, Catholic Chicken, home to bed.

Saturday and Sunday found me back at work.  They were good days.  I was challenged by a situation at work on Sunday, and I was Marcy the RT, and it was wonderful to just be that. In the adrenaline, I was as good after one chemo as I was before cancer.  I needed that validation, I admit.

Here's what we found today.

Bald Eagles about 20 miles from our house.  They are at a favorite suspension bridge that we watch fireworks from on Independence Day.  It was cold and blustery with rain moving in, but it felt good to get out and do something with the day off.

And Evan trying to teach Colby how to skip rocks.  Colby just wanted to throw the boulders in.

Tomorrow is a new adventure in Pulmonary Rehab.  I would like to work while I can and that is where the need is, so sign me up.

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