Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

God's blessings, remembered...  some of them tangible, some of them intangible, all of them meaningful.

For these two guys... who say "Fight Cancer!"  Evan and T have been together since pre-kdg, when they switched backpacks on the pre-k bus.  Now they both sport bald heads in support of me.  I love it that Evan wanted to shave.  I think I love it even more that his buddy did.  And for their teacher and principal, who will let them wear hats, cause it's still cold in the middle of the middle west.

For cold canned pears and pink charm bracelets.

For a lunch made, without asking by me.  It just shows up in the fridge on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  It's the little things that matter.

For a garage door opened, waiting for me to tuck the car in.  If I had to open it, odds are the car would just sit outside.

For random texts, just to check on me.

For good anti-nausea meds.  And magic mouthwash.

For good local take-out.


Loretta Cable said...

Thinking of you frequently, hoping you're doing well. Seems like your spirits are up and you have a WONDERFUL support team behind you. Prayers are sent your way each & every night.
Take care,

Marcy said...

Thank you, Loretta. I will take all the prayers I can get! The days are not always fun, but I try to find the good and the God in the midst of the mess. I miss you guys!