Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ahoy, Matey & the Bishop

Welcome to the Scout birthday party!  Saturday night found us in our finest pirate dress for a great evening of fellowship.  No rockets or cars to make or race, no meeting agenda, just fun. 

Sunday found us at the Cathedral celebrating some religious awards.  Colby received his God and Me award from Bishop Schlarman.  Nice job, Sir!

And Grandma received the St. George Award from the Bishop and Father Gene, our previous priest.  Nice job, Ma'am!  Someone has to nominate you for that one, so it was a fun surprise for her.  And I'll try and work on the camera settings - I am not a photographer.

And I received a nice little prayer & blessing from the Bishop, too.

The outing was a good choice.  I was torn between church and the awards, and knew the energy wasn't there for both.  The family won.  We frequently can't decide if we are Cathodists or Methoholics, but hopefully we are raising our boys to love God and trust in Him in all situations.

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