Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Thoughts

I thought last week I needed a haircut.  I think I will just wait.

How is it that we were down to one bottle of shampoo between both bathrooms?  I bought 3 bottles.  That should last til mid July, I think!

The cancer girl probably shouldn't take care of cancer patients.

Got a letter telling me my doctor didn't fill out the fmla forms correctly.  I am sure I have signed consent for them to discuss my case with my doctor.  So can't they just call my doctor directly and leave me out of it?  Cause you told me my leave was approved yesterday.

My boys are full of hugs, and I love it!

My house is as clean and neat as I can make it.  It will have to do.  The joys of refinancing when you realize you are paying way too much interest if you aren't going to build as soon as planned.  The basement window is trimmed out and the drywall is patched from an old bathroom repair.

My mom is coming on Thursday, and maybe this strong girl needs her mom more than I admit.

My sister is going wig-shopping with me next week.  I am depressed by that thought, but looking for some laughs in trying wigs on.  Should I go for long and black, or short and red, or ???  Crap, I don't want to work in a wig.  And I have never been a hat girl.  This bald thing is gonna suck.  White girls don't wear wigs nearly as well as black girls do.

I haven't had sweets or much bread today.  I am having toast and chocolate milk withdrawal.  Stupid PET scan.  And I will be cooking eggs (or something non-carb) at 4 am, because I am npo for my port at 5.  But the PET instructions for 1 pm say to drink lots of non-sugared water.  Hmm, who planned those on the same day?

The hubs is on his second round of prednisone and antibiotics now.  That ain't good, Folks.  I hope he feels better soon, cause he looks way worse off than me right now.  Between the two of us, it's looking more like a pharmacy than a kitchen counter.

I should sleep well through both procedures tomorrow, as it is way past my bedtime.


Shaunery Wharton said...

Well, I'm making you some "covers" so either way, you'll have choices. Wait and see what you look like bald..you may rock it. ;) HUGS SISTER I LOVE YOU.

Marcy said...

Bring on the covers! I am thinking the wig won't get a ton of use - work and church. But it's chilly here, so need something on. I don't want to look sick taking care of sick people.