Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

God's Blessings remembered in this journey of life.

This week, I am thankful for cold apples.  About the time you start feeling really good from chemo, then you get the mouth sores. It takes a few days for the skin to slough off from the inside of your mouth.  So as I was at work last weekend, and my lunch was in the fridge, I realized just how good chilled apple slices tasted as an ice pack of sorts for my tongue.

I am beyond thankful, humbled is a better word, for my community.  A friend set up MealTrain for me and the chemo Friday and still-foggy Monday dates were plugged into it.  I now have scheduled meals through the end of chemo.  There are folks I expected would volunteer, but there are folks I only casually know who are willing to cook for us.  Wow!  I never doubted I was walking through this being held by others.  They are the hands and feet of Jesus, personified.

I am thankful for annual maximum insurance out-of-pocket caps.  This isn't cheap, but as the money-manager in our house, I had fears of bankrupting us with hospital bills while my work income is sketchy at best. At some point, the bills will end.

I am thankful for pink bags left on my back porch with music, snacks, and a fresh supply of crackers.

I am thankful for my chemo bag all packed for tomorrow, and the hands that prepared it.

I am thankful for a cool party store that had pirate hats in stock.  It's a pirate theme Saturday night for the Blue & Gold - Scouts birthday party, and I have a pirate hat.  The hair is starting to fall, and if I can't have my hair til then, at least I splurged and bought the hat.  My Tigers are getting their rank patch that night, and I don't want their parents to remember the sick Den Leader in their pics looking back 4 years from now when they cross over to Boy Scouts.

I am thankful for Facebook encouragement.  I love it!

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