Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 2 after chemo

Someone pointed out I was supposed to conserve energy today.  Oops.  I was awake and medicating by 7 am.  Drugs are my friend, Folks!  I just sat in Tom's big chair and snuggled with the TV and my phone.  I watched C's swim lessons since I felt decent (ok, bag of crackers and bottle of water lever left my side!)

We made a short Walmart run and the boys wanted McD's,  Can I not go in, please?  I was done for by this point.  They brought it back to the truck and ate.  I was okay with that.  Vanilla shake and a dozen or so fries for me.  And some more ativan and a nap for the afternoon.

A girlfriend wants to get back into exercising.  I could be her slow walker at this point.  She has to find her own runner.  We did walk a little over a mile just before dinner , and it felt good.  We could walk and talk, and I wasn't too tired until the end, and she felt good - my pace didn't hold her back, yeah!

Dinner - loving the Women Of Faith girls cooking and their leftovers!  Boys are farmed out, 1 temporary, 1 overnight, and Scout Sunday tomorrow at the Methodist church.  Love me some church support, love me some Scouts, it will be a good day.  And a nap-tastic afternoon again I imagine.

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