Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chemo Round #2

It's Detox Tuesday, I do believe, or maybe Ketchup Tuesday sounds better.

Friday was spent with Beth, my friend, my pastor's wife, my former duster.  She brought me crazy gold glitter guitar glasses to rock out to.  Loved it!  The day wasn't so bad, all things considered.  We were done with all things Siteman related by mid-day, headed home for a nap.  She picked me back up later in the afternoon for the head shave.  Thursday, the hair was falling out 5 strands at a time.  Friday, it was more like 10-15 strands every time I ran my fingers through my hair.  Be gone with it, then.  I didn't want a mess all over fresh bed sheets.  The shave - rather anti-climatic, I believe.  Deb, my hair lady, shaved, we hugged, and went home to just relax.  There were no tears, just resolve to deal with it.

Dinner was wonderful, thank you, Meal Train! 

Saturday and Sunday were quiet except for the Scout stuff.

Monday was a trip to the mall for some more scarves and hats, and to pick up the car.  Blessed to have a good car, hate the car repairs and maintenance.  New exhaust recirculator and 4 new tires.  Thank you, Al's, for being my "easy button" guy yesterday.  I do like small-town businesses where I can drop it off, ask him to fix it, and it's done 2 hours later and cheaper than the dealer.  And Meal Train amidst sick kids.  Feel better, Little Miss J!  Monday night was Evan's music program, structured like a competition.  His band was the first to play and the first done, thank you for that!  He likes his sax, I do believe.

And today brings us to paperwork, laundry, a nap.  It's rainy, cold and gloomy, so appropriate.  The neulasta is kicking in and makes my knees hurt but my blood counts stay high.  Love-hate on that front.  And detoxing from the anti-nausea meds means rebound headache.

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