Friday, March 6, 2009

Colby's Comments

At 0730, before a glass of milk... Mommy, whenit dawk ouside, can I have a bedtime nack?
Sure, you can have a bedtime snack, but can you tell me what you want for breakfast first?

We had a sensory playdate at Parents As Teachers this morning. That means we got messy at school - all the things we don't let them do at home - finger paint, shaving cream on the table, making pudding in a ziplock bag, sand and rice tables. He put his hand in the shaving cream once - Mommy wash. He put one finger in the finger paint - Mommy wash. But the floor walk - car mats, door mats, bubble wrap, sticky mat, carpet, piano - that was a hit for him. And the homemade playdough. A fun morning.

It's 80 here - spring fever. So glad it was a 1/2 day! I am feeling the need to dig and plant something, and clean out the garage and closets. Beware, Tom! The Christmas tree that we haven't put up in about 6 years is in the front yard, waiting for trash day Wednesday.

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