Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday PM

Today was not as planned, although nothing adverse happened. Tom had the CT scan early this morning, which didn't show anything we didn't already know. Lymph nodes and the RLL thing. Nothing to explain the legs. That's a good thing. The pulm guys finally came today since the medicine docs had run out of ideas. They couldn't get the bronch & biopsy done today, but will tomorrow morning. Pulm function test were ordered, but not done yet. Those can be done outpt, so they won't hold up the bronch or discharge tomorrow. He is still getting lasix 2x day and his legs are looking much better, and we went for 2 longer walks to the main floor today. He's not sleeping well, but he is 11 floors above the hospital ambulance bay, so he gets to listen to those as well as the helicopter landing. It's a hospital, not the Hilton!

My mom is taking Colby to the aquarium tomorrow, so it'll be a fun outing. I think at least 1 kid will go to his buddy's hockey game tomorrow night. Life is ok for them. Tom is nervous about the bronch, but I've tried to minimize it for him. I'm just glad to be home a little earlier and go to bed early. Sitting and waiting sure wears me out.

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