Monday, March 23, 2009

Tom, Chapter 3

We got bronch biopsy results back today. More good but less than helpful news. The lung tissue was negative for cancer cells. The microbiology was no growth to date. If it was going to grow a superbug, it would have by now. Next step, you ask? Our original consult date, April 8, is now our follow-up visit, and at some point Tom will have to have at least 1 of the lymph nodes removed through his chest wall. But this is Barnes, so it won't be next week. We'll be lucky if it's next month. We have to see the lung guys first, then see the thoracic surgeons, then schedule the OR time. And I'd really like them to take out all 3, but the lung Fellow that we've been working with didn't think they would do that, just one. And a CT scan in 6 months to figure out the right lower lobe thing and make sure it's not growing. If it's the same, it's probably scar tissue. If it's larger, well, God did give him 2 lungs, right?

Tom did go back to work this evening, with his stylish support hose on. That was a 2 person job, and I remember why I don't wear pantyhose! He's feeling decent, but no energy, legs are still swelling if he's not very careful about how he spends his time (horizontal is good!), and coughing. He's got some bumps on his arms that I can't figure out, either. One more issue on the list for the pulm docs, I guess. We sent my mom back home for a few weeks until spring break, when I'll make her be a tourist and see the sights with the kids.

Evan finished Upward basketball this week, with the closing ceremony tonight. He's so excited about his new lunchbox, dang it I have to make him a lunch for tomorrow. He had a good time and got some exercise, which was my goal for him. Now it's baseball sign-up time - coach pitch instead of t-ball, woohoo!

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celticmystyc said...'ll get your answers, of course not as speedy as you'd like..but answers ARE forthcoming.

Hang in there sis, give Tom a big hug from us, then have him give you one.

Love us