Friday, March 27, 2009


Ho hum, the end of the week looks a lot like the beginning. Tom is still coughing, spiking fevers now and then, back to twice a day lasix - once a day didn't work out so well, tired, no energy and very frustrated. He goes to work, comes home and tries to sleep, gets up for an hour or so to help me get Evan off to school, goes back to bed and gets up in time to get ready for work. He's tired of that routine. He doesn't have a ton of patience right now with the kids, so as long as he can take care of himself, we are going places and doing things and letting him sleep. It's not great, but it works for the moment. My thought for the week is that we are finding a new kind of normal... not one I would choose, but we'll deal with it. My boss let me drop all the shifts I had picked up to work during the week, so I am back to just the weekends and am available for dr appts and whatever needs to be done (gee, raising kids?). Typing of that, the pulm doc set up an appt with the thoracic surgeons for a week from Tuesday, and the pulm appt on Wednesday.

Evan got some stress management today, and he's looking forward to Monsters vs. Aliens later tonight. Colby, I dunno about him. He has told me two days this week that he misses me. "Where am I going, Colby?"
"I'll miss you when you die."
"I am not planning on dying until you are a very old man and I am an even older mommy." Maybe he's picking up on the stress level more than I realize, since he's home all day. He has also had a lovely snotty nose, cough-till-you-puke, breathing treatments and just don't feel good week.

There's not too much on the calendar for the weekend, and none of it "mandatory," so here's to a rainy, cold outside 2 hour nap kind of weekend.


Susan said...

Hope you hear some answers soon! Tell Tom we're thinking of him!

Love, Susan

Debbie said...

We're praying for you all! And if you need ANYTHING......please let us know. I have big shoulders on which to cry, whine, laugh, go nuts, or whatever else. :-)