Monday, March 16, 2009

Tom, Chapter 2

Dang, I love it when things happen!

I gave my SIL a copy of our CT scan yesterday when the family came over for cake and ice cream. She is also an RRT at BJC - how I ended up marrying her brother, and much higher up on the food chain than I am. She tracked down Dr. Russell, and Tom will be a direct admit later today. That's a much quicker way to get tests done than out-patient! Woohoo! Both of our heads are spinning, but I am thrilled too. He's just plain scared.


Steve Elkins said...

Continuing to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...I know everything will work out OK! Tell Tom to stay strong!

Susan said...

Keep us posted! We'll continue to keep you and Tom in our thoughts and prayers!

Andi S. said...

I'm just really glad that my mom could help. You and Tom are in my prayers and I hope that you find out more information soon. Love, Andi