Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

God pours down blessings; it's up to us to name them, acknowledge & remember them.

I am thankful for a little brown bear from a church lady.  She brought it over on Sunday afternoon, and "Bo" has taken up residence on my pillow.  On the mornings I work, I am out the door in the dark before Tom gets up.  Every evening, I have found Bo sitting on my pillow, with the bed neatly made.  Tom has not traditionally been a neat bed-maker - just pull the covers up so there is a flat spot to dump the next basket of clothes.  While I hate that I have Bo, it makes me mushy to see him lovingly placed on my pillow.

Typing of beds, I am thankful for mattress pad heaters.  We keep our house fairly cool (68ish), and thermoregulation has been a problem of late.  It supposed to get down to 8 degrees tonight.  The bedwarmers got turned on over an hour ago, and I can't wait to get snuggly.

I am thankful for long phone calls, and warm receptions to "tell me your story."  I spent over an hour talking to a Survivor from town yesterday.  We cross paths at least weekly between Scouts and school, but I didn't know her story.  I'm not great at reaching out for help or looking for mentors in this walk.  I am glad I did.  There are a few more folks on my mental list of people to talk to, because it does help.

I am thankful for good days at work.  I was off both days I was scheduled last week - Tuesday as a Mental Health Day and Thursday with the surgeon appt.  Monday, I was in my favorite but crazy-busy Surgery/ Burn/ Trauma ICU, but felt like I was running through sand all day - never quite moving fast enough.  Tuesday and today were both floor days, and a much easier minimal-brain-cells-required pace.  I love my ICU, but sometimes slow and steady floors is a nice change of pace.  And I am thankful for my coworkers.  They make the rough days better, their lives and antics are a much-welcome distraction, and their calls to check on me are oh-so-helpful.

And that bed is calling...


Shaunery Wharton said...

I'm thankful for you little one. I totally share your love for mattress warmers (they rock. Thankful for my hubby, awesome how ours are so loving!

Bumped into a fellow choir mom today..she noticed my new phone case. She immediately hugged me and said "Does she need to talk?" Brenda's a survivor too. I honestly "forgot" about her cancer. Bubbly, warm, genuine...she never allowed cancer to "define her" and it still doesn't. I'm thankful for survivors to guide and mentor you and others. <3

Susan said...

Hope you got the chance to enjoy the pedicure this morning. Keep us posted on how your appointment goes this afternoon. Please know we love and are thinking of you daily! HUGS!