Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Time to take a minute to be thankful, for there is plenty to be thankful for.

For my Angel of Hope, hugs and stretchy maternity clothes.

For Tom's job change.  Sorry to the new insurance folks, but his new boss is flexible, and had he stayed where his was, that check would have dropped uncomfortably so.

For my Women of Faith ladies.  We started a Tuesday night group 8 or so years ago with a Women of Faith conference, and the folks have changed some, but they are a force to be reckoned with!

For my heart to find true belly laughs, wit and humor today, finally!  I am really not a cryer.  I am not pretty when I cry.  It gives me a headache, and clouds my contacts, and my nose is all stuffy and makes my cpap mask very ineffective.  I wanted to tell the FB world on my terms, but could not until today find a way to make it not sad and tragic.  Today, I found my boxing gloves.  My prayer today has not been "God, dammit!", at least not all day.

For my childhood (hmm, 7th grade at Jeff Jr, I think) girlfriend sending me a book that I didn't have the brain cells to find on my own.  Our lives are mostly on FB and Christmas cards, but there is a jr high, high school, and college (may I encourage you to find a Wesley Foundation, high school folks?) timeline that we were together.  She is going to seminary now, with 2 kids and a husband along for her ride, and that rocks my socks off that she was brave enough to answer the call.

For my husband, who says breasts are optional equipment.  We have had only minor bumps together, and I hope this is the only "for worse" that I give to you.

For the CoMo Rainbow girls, who are picking out button down pj's.  Thank you!  But I DID tell you to raid your closets or good will, not raid your checkbook, dang it!

The plan as I know it, which ain't much.  Met with the surgeon today, but still need to meet with onc, plastics and rad docs.  We drew blood for genetics given the fam hx, as it plays a role in my boys as well as my nieces.  I am comfortable with a bilateral mastectomy with left lymph nodes, as is the surgeon.  So, no dates to give y'all, just more hurry up and wait for the phone to ring.

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Jillian said...

You have such a hugh amount of support, how blessed you really are Marcy! Your words will touch more than one person, and in my heart, I think it will take you on a different path in life than planned. Not just the path of having the cancer and dealing, but I see you using this in the future.

Such a strong person, I see hints of her in this recent blog. Hang in there kiddo! We got your back!

Much love and hugs with my prayers that you are guided and lifted.