Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

God's Blessings... another week.

For Jeremy's twin boys - over there on the blogroll.  Hey, I'm a little past babies in my world, so I will live vicariously through his.

For gift cards in the mail - you made me cry, Mouse.  I am dreaming and scheming of a new porch swing and a shady spot to enjoy the rest of spring.  Or stocking up on button down shirts for the weeks after surgery, not sure which should rank higher!

For Pizza Market gift cards.  Thank you for dinner, TE & SM, after an all around rough week last week.

For yoga.  It wasn't pretty last night, and I might have had some "stupid cancer!" tears about how hard it was, but today I am glad I went.  Unfortunately I am realizing just how far this girl has to go to regain strength back.

For sloppy joes and mac & cheese and pie.

For the Blues - I am barely a fair weather fan, but the big kid has a free ticket for tonight, which makes it easier for me to give him a "treat" night.

For 6/8.  Getting there, Folks, getting there.

1 comment:

Annie Wharton said...

I am so proud of you and your positive upbeat attitude through all of this. Love you much

Dad and Anne