Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Double Dose of Thankful Thursday

It's a double dose of Thankful Thursday, since I was a slacker last week. 

I am thankful for my bed and my shower.   I missed them greatly last Thursday-Saturday when I had a fever and landed in the medical mecca.  Ugh.  A fever, wacky labs and a bad read of a chest xray sent me by ambulance across the river for a watchful eye.

I am thankful for yoga.  I don't go on my chemo weeks, but it felt pretty good on Wednesday night.  It was not nearly as de-moralizing as it was 2 weeks ago.

I am thankful for God's perfect timing.  My mom was scheduled to be here last Tuesday-Sundayish, which covered taking care of the boys so Tom could take care of me at the hospital.

I am thankful for a couple Cardiac Nurses, who conspired to get me chocolate brownies from the hospital cafeteria.  Yummy!

I am thankful for volunteers in Scouting, as Evan crossed over from a Webelos 2 to a real, official Boy Scout while I was gone.  It won't cost you anything and it's only an hour a week.  Negative to both, Ghostrider!

I am thankful for a pretty outdoor spot.  I have a great little corner to sit in the sun or the shade, and have had great weather to use it this week.  Alas, it's supposed to rain the next 4 days.  It came in a million pieces in a big box, and it was great occupational therapy to use a wrench and sockets and manipulate nuts, washers and bolts.  Tom got me started, I did a chair and almost all of the loveseat by myself, and he tightened the loveseat bolts and put the table together.  I struggle with peripheral neuropathy on the chemo weeks, so finger stuff & being on my feet is quite a workout.

I am thankful for the Cancer Bible study at church that wrapped up, and the lady that led it.  She has taught it before, but it's still a chunk of time to volunteer for her.

I am thankful for the band leaders at school.  Tonight is Evan's last saxophone concert for the school year.  I kinda like listening to him practice, even though it's not always pretty.

It was a rough weekend, but it's been a good week since Sunday.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

#7/8 tomorrow.  The end of chemo is in sight, and I am ready for the next topic of conversation at the dinner table

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