Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

God's blessings, rounded up...

For antibiotics.  Two out of my 3 boys are medicated for creepy crawly upper & lower respiratory crud.

For pain, to know I am alive and hopefully something is working.  Taxol is full of joint & muscle pain, neuropathy, spaghetti legs and crabbiness.  It has been an ugly week with 90 year old knees that I didn't trust to walk down the stairs for several days.  It all still hurts, but not as much as yesterday, and not as much as Tuesday, so I am thankful for the trend.

For satin pj's.  Cause when you hurt, it's nice to just slide onto the other side to reposition in bed.

For the hometown pharmacy.  A friend brought me the wrong meds on Tuesday, and when I called, the pharmacy delivered the right stuff and took the others back.

For bbq dinner two nights and leftover lunch.  A little slice of heaven in my mouth!

For safety from storms.  Lots of bad weather last night, and last I heard, there were only minor injuries from a possible tornado.

For a cool breeze on my legs.  It was 78 inside before the storms last night.  It was 72 this morning.  Aah, much nicer!

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