Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday

For a GREAT trip to Chicago.

Because Colby has been asking to meet Sue (the T-rex) for a year.  We caught up with old friends, and saw the touristy sites, and except for the first night there, I felt good and played hard.

For loaded potato soup from a friend, and lasagna from her grandma in the same week.

For sunshine and warmth, as the daffodils in the front yard bloomed while we were gone.  I think mine are the last in town to bloom!

For the cancer Bible study at church.  The folks there feed my soul.

For Tom insisting we buy our diesel Jetta many years ago, as the aforementioned trip was 800 miles and only 1 1/2 tanks of gas.  But we might just look like sardines, the four of us.  40 mpg, thankyouverymuch!

For Florida, who texts me just to check my spiritual health several times a week.  While I can find humor in all this, sometimes it covers up the hurt, anger, and frustration, and sometimes she has to be the praying Christian for both of us.  Sometimes I answer her, sometimes I don't, but I know at least one of us is talking to God.  And sometimes, both of us are on speaking terms with God.  She is not someone I would have targeted to be my prayer warrior prior to diagnosis, but she has become just that, and I am thankful.

For my artsy-craftsy sister-in-law, who helped the Easter Bunny bring Legoland tickets to the hotel.

For my sister and her family, who made Easter evening about family.  The ham dinner, egg hunt, baskets for my kids (cause there ain't no room in the trunk of a Jetta for Easter baskets!) and candy.


Shaunery Wharton said...

OMG.. Sue is the best!! (We visited her in Norman OK ages ago!) Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Give the boys hugs for us!


Johnalvar said...

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