Monday, April 15, 2013

Random Thoughts

I walked tonight...  a 40-45 minute mile.  Yikes, that's slow. 1:1 or 1:2 breathing count with pursed lips.  Can you say deconditioned?  The city park was halfway, and I was checking out the cars to see who was at baseball with their kid that would drive me home.  But I kept walking.  From "Finding Nemo" - just keep swimming, just keep swimming, Dori says to Marlin.

I survived work last weekend, but it wasn't pretty.  Not sure what to do about those 12 hr shifts.  I'm off for 12 days at least.

There's only 3 more rounds of chemo left.  We switched drugs to Taxol last time.  It's side effects are joint/ bone/ muscle pain, more hair loss (all that is left is the legs, arms, a few stubborn eyelashes and eyebrows), and mouth sores.  Mouth wasn't as bad as with the adria & cytuxan.  Nothing left on my head to judge hair.  Pain, lots of it last week, but not so bad yesterday and today.  I remember the first round of chemo was just awful, and I am blaming this on the first round of a new drug.  I am hoping with good pain drugs figured out, next week won't be as bad as last week.

I signed up for a 6 week yoga class.  Wednesday night is week 2.  I didn't quite make it to week 1.  I've never done yoga.  Should be interesting.

A toddler pink toothbrush and my kids' toothpaste is pretty good for mouth sores.

Plastic surgeon tomorrow.  He is going to tell me I have to lose 60-80 lbs more to get my tummy tuck out of all this.  That is why I kept walking tonight.  Slow but steady.  I really don't want fake implants.  They just sound like more surgery every few years.

I just don't understand the Boston Marathon bombing.  My heart is heavy for the senselessness of it. 

There is nothing better than listening to Tom read "Magic Treehouse" books to the boys at bedtime.

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