Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 Weeks and a Day

So it's now 3 weeks post surgery.

We (me and the foobs...  fake + boobs) are up to weekly fills with saline - 90 ml at a time.  Good thing I like the plastic surgeon, as often as I am seeing his office.  It's not the most comfortable thing to have your skin stretched, but not nearly as bad as the first week after surgery, either.  It's just really tight - like a belt cinched tight from armpit to armpit.  When I lay back in the recliner (yeah, still sleeping there) and I wake up groggy, it feels more like a cinder block on my chest.  There is 480 ml in the expanders so far, which is about the amount of water in a 16 oz bottle.  We will stop at about 900 ml, so a few more weeks to go.  Radiation simulations (getting markings figured out and tattooed on my chest) will happen probably the week of the last fill.  I still have the evil compression bra 24x7 and restricted movement.  Hopefully we can get some PT going fairly quickly in the next few weeks. 

It's Independence Day today.  My boys went to the movies.  I think I will find a book and sit on the patio.  It's been beautifully cool this week, and I haven't gotten outside enough.  I would love to think I want to go to the air show and festivities, but I am really not up for it.  Next year...

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