Saturday, July 6, 2013


So... what did they find?

Two separate tumors in Lefty.  One was still in the milk glands near the nipple.  This is the "well, something else is there, but we don't know exactly what" from the original PET scan.  The second was the lump we could see on mammogram and biopsied in January.  It was outside of the milk glands, on the border of areola and skin.  And 22 lymph nodes were removed.  The original armpit lump that led to diagnosis is the only one that was positive for cancer.

Can you say "Thanks, God?"  I sure can!

Chemo worked beautifully.  The lymph node shrank to 2 cm.  The other tumor was 2 mm.  Two stinkin' mm!

Unfortunately, I still get radiation.

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