Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Lots of things to be thankful for this week...

Anthony & Gavin, 2 neighborhood buddies, who mowed the lawn last week.  They wouldn't even take a gift card for the local ice cream place. 

A hug and short chat with Marilyn, an old friend at the local community college.  She was directing traffic (parents) for their kids classes as I was dropping the boys off for kids college this week.  She babysat Evan as a toddler, and every once in a while I still find a toy around here from her garage sales :).

Sunday night with the girls and some 'ritas on the patio.

A ride to Siteman with a real Rita a few weeks ago.

An extra day off for the hubs.  I was spewing bodily fluids everywhere last Monday, and he stayed home to make sure I was ok.

Another extra day off for the hubs.  Three boys to Raging Rivers on Member Pass appreciation day.  He's not a huge fan of sun, water or crowds, but it was cold or flooded when I tried to take the boys.  I love him for this!

A lime green basket of goodies from a friend and co-worker, left on my porch.  She was trying to surprise me, but I was running college with the boys and missed her, dang it!  It is the ultimate compliment when you let your coworkers take care of you, and she could, any day.

Another hug and grocery store chat today with another Survivor from town.  We will have to chat more soon!  At one point Komen had "yard decorating" as a fundraising option around Race For The Cure time, and I had her yard decorated.  I think she was just barely out of treatment, and it made her day.  Komen wouldn't decorate my mom's yard 150 miles away, but they would Ruth's, so she was my substitute.

A full fridge from Lanette and Jenn.  Thank you, Ladies!

Nine God moments that I can easily recall, but probably another 90 that I have missed naming.


Susan said...

Continued blessings!!! I know we aren't "there" everyday on this journey but please know that we are thinking of you guys and praying for you daily! We love you!

Marcy said...

I know, Susan. Love you guys, too!