Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

A moment to pause and reflect on God's gifts in our lives...

Thankful for yummy lasagna - 2 family meals and 2 lunches for me this week.

Thankful for outings of sorts.  It is Read Across America Week, which we have celebrated at both kids schools all week long.  Tonight was the finale - bring your parents so they can be separated from their money at the book fair.  Lots of kids and their parents were there, and it was good for me to get out and socialize.  And there were lots of activities to keep the kids busy and running.  The teachers work hard to put on a good program.

Thankful for a really cool purple scarf that I can wear indoors (it's frilly, not like a winter coat scarf) and some more hats.

Thankful for some quiet time at the in-laws (hanging with the mom) so I could finally catch up on organizing coupons.  Sometimes, they even get used!  Sometimes, it's just an exercise in cutting and filing.  She gets her arm casted on Monday (finally!) after breaking it 2 weeks ago, and hopefully she will start feeling like moving and getting up and about more.

Thankful for a good week at work.  One of my favorite nurses asked me what was up, and we had a good chat today.  She is a 22 year survivor with 19! positive lymph nodes.

Thankful for a Cancer themed Bible Study at church on Tuesday night.  I had worked, carpooled, homeworked, and just wanted to crawl in bed.  I laid down for 15 minutes, and dragged my tired butt anyway.  It was worth it!

Thankful that I took the time to write tonight.  If I am really on the ball, I write this post throughout the week and it autopublishes on Thursdays.  Working 40 hours this week, it just didn't happen.  I thought about skipping it, but it's the one I look forward to.

Thankful it's #4 tomorrow - halfway through the first step, and the last of the really harsh stuff.  The second half is a different drug, only one of them (I have been getting 2), and supposed to be easier.  Well, good, cause the fatigue wears on me!  I am tired, sometimes fighting the gravitational pull of the bed, but am frequently not sleepy tired.  Just no energy to move or do anything.  It can be a frustrating combination, when I lay down at 1:00 before the kids get home and then can't actually fall asleep.

Have a great weekend, Blogworld!


Jackie said...

It was good to see you out & about. I know I was worn out so I can imagine just how tired you are at the end of the day. Hang in there! It will get easier, 1 day at a time. Always thinking of you!

Annie Wharton said...

It was good to talk to you this afternoon. Your positive uplifting outlook and attitude says more than words can ever say...Hardly an hour goes by that I don't have you in my thouths. Hang in there, I love you so much!!! Dad

Debbie Reese said...

It's so great to read your blog....thank you for sharing from your heart. Your words are uplifting for the rest of us! Praying for you, girlfriend!

SuziQ said...

Thanks for the updates, it makes me look forward to Friday so I can check in.
Prayers always coming that direction. Your strength is inspiring.
Much love,

Vicky said...

Blogging from my own bed today- your words resemble words I could use myself- thankful with a side of exhausted- praying for some lessening of fatigue as you prepare for the next drug!