Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's another Thursday, and the opportunity to take stock of the important things in life - God's blessings found in the day-to-day. If you want to know where my Thankful Thursdays started, go visit Run Sickboy Run, authored by Ronnie and Mandy Sharpe over there on the Blogroll. And my totally cool coworker Jeremy at A Walk In The Parks With 65 Roses.

Thankful for...

Kleenex - good kleenex!  I have more snot in my head than I care to admit, and my nose would like to sue for separate maintenance.  When you lose your nose hair and eyelashes, your body over produces snot and eye goo as a protective mechanism, and I certainly am.  Or maybe because it was 35 degrees yesterday and 70 degrees tomorrow.  Regardless, I am thankful for kleenex.

My sewing machine.  I managed to hem 4 pairs of pants and fix a couple knee holes this week.  I am not a good seamstress, but an getting better at hemming pants at least.

A little bit of energy to take care of the hubby's truck - new tires, vacuum, wash, and new floor mats.  I stink at the little details in love and romance, but try to take care of him as best as I can, and a clean house or truck would be the love language I speak, even if it's not the love language he is receptive to.  One of these days, maybe I should actually read that book.


SuziQ said...

A clean truck sounds very romantic to me. Taking the time to do for others is the deepest of love I can think of. Continual prayer rising up for you and your's. Stay strong, you are an inspiration.

Lisa Callahan said...

I'm thankful for a still growing relationship with God, my family, some great coworkers, friends, my job and my home!!! We do work with some great people
Jeremy, Kevin, Yourself, Larry, Omana, use to Barb,etc.....
Still sick but I'm hopeful that I'm on the climb to feeling better Soon!!! Hugs to you Marcy Noway do I feel like cleaning out a truck! I sure love you!!

Annie Wharton said...

I enjoy reading your blog but today was especially good...I just heard an interview with Dr. Smalley on the way back from Jefferson City today. He was quoting from his book and I was thinking how I need to read that book as well. Maybe I'll get us both a copy... I love you sweetie. We'll talk to you soon.

Marcy said...

Suzi, Tom was pretty appreciative, too.

Lisa, glad you are finally feeling better. That was some tough crud you got. We do work with some good folks.

Annie, I need reading entertainment not of the cancer topic! Love you guys, too.