Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Almost missed it!  It's another Thursday, and the opportunity to take stock of the important things in life - God's blessings found in the day-to-day.  If you want to know where my Thankful Thursdays started, go visit Run Sickboy Run, authored by Ronnie and Mandy Sharpe over there on the Blogroll.  And my totally cool coworker Jeremy at A Walk In The Parks With 65 Roses.

This week...

Beef and veggies in beer.  Lots of beer.  There isn't a great time to drink in all of this - either I don't feel good enough to enjoy it, or I am working the next day.  So I will take a bit of alcohol any way I can get it!

Subway and Pizza Market gift cards and gas money.  The school ladies got me good - I didn't see it coming, and you might have made me cry.

More Subway, for fiber and roughage, from my excretion girlfriend.  Only from one hospital employee to another could we have the understanding that we do!

A good week at work.  Had a great laugh today when I saw one of the Bronch Ladies and she couldn't figure out just what exactly was different about me.  Then it dawned on her that my haircut was different.  Uh, yeah, ya goofball!  So while I am pretty sure there is a rubber band constricting blood flow to my brain and it's a dead animal fur on my head, I must be able to pull it off well.

Tacos that lasted all weekend.  Yummy in our tummies!

Can I be thankful in advance for the weather forecast next week?  65 tomorrow, and sunny and warm when I am low & needing that spring feeling.  Looking forward to daily walks to clear the chemobrain.

Fifth grade fractions, even if Evan didn't do so hot on that test, because 3/8 is close to 1/2, and way better than 1/8 or 1/4!  Tomorrow is 3/8.

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