Monday, October 6, 2008


Mizzou played Nebraska on Saturday. #4 ranked Mizzou. Mizzou harvested corn in Nebraska by the time it was done. GO TIGERS!!

Work lesson of the weekend - don't ride your bike home from the bar if you actually drank at the bar. You might get hurt. If you choose to drink and pedal, you should wear a helmet. I appreciate the gas conservation effort, but you negate it with an ambulance ride.

Oh, poop. Tom had a great weekend with the boys, and Colby is getting the hang of potty training. I was a little worried that he'd want diapers back, but they did fine. Amazing, dads really can handle things when we let them. I should get out of my own way more often. We got 1 kid out of diapers, and the other 1 needs them today. I really hate it when my kid stays home because it's the right thing to do, not because he feels sick. He's driving me nuts, and creating more poopy laundry. Really, he could go to school with a change of clothes, couldn't he?? I am pretty sure his teacher doesn't need that to deal with, and it wouldn't get me "mother of the day" either. Another day in the life...

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celticmystyc said...

Dads are pretty awesome when we let them...I so can't wait to LET HIM!! :) Once you figure out how to disappear, you'll be doing every opportunity you can get! Embrace those moments sis...

GO MU!!!!