Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rough patch

If you know my mom, say a prayer, send a happy thought, send a card. Her sister went to the nursing home 2 weeks ago with alzheimer's having gotten the best of her. It hasn't been a great adjustment, which was expected. Her best friend, Vel, from Columbia passed away yesterday. She and I are making the roadtrip - Col, Nauvoo??, here? this weekend. I'm driving, she's navigating where she needs to be. Vel was 88 (I think), and didn't graduate from high school. She was very self-conscious of her writing and spelling, so would make her daughter write her cards for her. She always remembered the big days in our lives, including sending my kids $2 bills for their birthday or Christmas. They started the Quarter books which has driven my mother nuts for the last several years. So glad the US Mint is almost done with that! I think she had told us for the last 10 years that she wouldn't make it through another winter. Rest well, Vel. I'll think of you every time I see a $2 bill.


Susan said...

Please let your mom know we're thinking about her and Virginia, as well as you guys. I know it's tough on her with what Virginia is going thru.

Take care & drive safe!

celticmystyc said...

Be safe driving Marcy....give mom hugs for ya.

Marcy said...

700 miles for me, 1000 for mom in 3 days. I thought of you driving through, Susan, but it was time to go home!!

Susan said...

Totally understand! I wouldn't have wanted to add an extra stop in there after driving all that time and being away.

I hope your mom is coping well. Love to all!