Thursday, October 30, 2008

Colby's Comments of the Day

As we are walking past the local funeral home...

Can we go see Uncle Albert in the bed?

As we are walking home from playgroup...

The leaves are falling on me. Why are the trees tired?

I can't quite get him to understand the death and burial process. I told him Aunt Buck was going to see Uncle Albert where he is buried in a few days. That just confused him more. Uncle Albert is not at the funeral home anymore. One of these days he'll understand.

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celticmystyc said...

Colby is so sweet...kinda makes me wish we can all keep his innocence and wonder. I realize he may be sad at the passing of his uncle, but he's moving on, content in life. Blissful unaware of all the striff, heartaches, and pain that are included in adulthood.

Don't rush him into understanding...he'll get it soon enough.