Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Kitchen

There's the before, more or less...

Memorial Day weekend - the beginning of kitchen demolition.

We bought this house from Tom's parents when we were expecting child #1, but I never really planned to stay here for long. It's little, old, and needs lots of work. I have figured out that we aren't going to put it on the market and get a bigger, nicer, fancier... maybe next summer. We bought it, it's ours, and it keeps me working part-time, not full-time. With that, we have (ok, Tom and his dad) gutted & redone 1 bath, added a 2nd in the basement, a playroom, bedroom, and utility room in the basement, and most recently, the kitchen. I think we're staying here till it's paid for, at which point having the 2000 square ft house with the $200,000 mortgage won't sound so appealing. We'll just have to add a wheelchair ramp!

The men in my life do some good work! Yvonne & Rosie, thanks for the decorations.

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Susan said...

LOVE the new kitchen! They did an awesome job!