Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Biopsy done

Yeah, we have finally ruled out lung ca or lymphoma! The non-cancer options are:
sarcoidosis - chronic ani-inflammatory disease treated with steroids
histoplasmosis - weeks to months of antibiotics
fungal infection - weeks to months of anti-fungal meds

Sarcoid is the ugliest of the choices, but even it is not bad for the spectrum of diseases at Barnes. We won't be able to narrow it down from there for several weeks - things gotta grow in petri dishes - but at least now it is growing. Tom has a two inch incision at the base of his neck, and had no problems with the surgery. He is tired and emotional, but the drugs and stress can make you a little PMS-ish. We are here for the night again, which isn't a bad thing. He can rest, and go home to little boys tomorrow.

One prayer is answered as we travel this road together. Thank you for the prayers, phone calls and mental health checks.

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Susan said...

We're all very thankful for the good news! Hang in there....we're here if you need us (even if we are 2 hours away).

Love, Susan