Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Evan and Flat Evan



at the Magic House

I have been teased a bit for not updating my blog in a week...

Tom came home on Thursday from the hospital. We still have no diagnosis, but they must have rearranged his lymph nodes enough that they aren't sitting on a nerve. Yes, he still coughs wickedly, but not as continuous as before. We won't have biopsy results until about May 1. He has worked the last 3 days and felt tired but not horrible. I'll take that - it really is an improvement.

I worked the weekend, and the boys had a great time with friends all day both days - thank you Rose & Kathleen. Nobody moved before 8 am Monday morning :). You wore them out quite well!

It is Spring Break in our town, and we have played hard. Monday afternoon was swimming at Korte - the pass expires next week, so we have to fit in pool time now. Tuesday was The Magic House, and it was indeed magic. It has doubled in size, and is way cool! My mom came to spend the week with us and fell Tuesday morning. She didn't have such a great time as her knee was hurting badly, but the boys did. Today was the Science Center - Sue the T-Rex and the planetarium. We left Grandma home with ice packs and Tom - what a pair! - and Colby with G'ma & Papaw, so it was just Evan and I. It was a nice "big kid" day, but having seen Sue in Chicago, we weren't as impressed here. Tomorrow is Purina Farms with all their cute loveable huggable but not bring-home-able baby animals. I've never been there, and E is taking a friend, so it should be great fun. By Friday I'll be ready to not leave the city limits!

One of my friends is encouraging Weight Watchers again, without the payment plan - on our own. I can do that. Time for Tom and I to make some better choices in our lives. He has lost 20#, but I swear he pushed it over to my side of the bed in the dark. I don't do stress well. I do donuts and Mountain Dew really well.

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