Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nordies at Noon

I have found Facebook. It can be wonderfully addicting, a huge time sucker. I look up at the clock and realize it's been 30 minutes when I just wanted to log on the the puter and check the bank balance. On FB, I found a friend from jr high, high school and college. She bought another friend's house when the 2nd friend moved to KC. In one of her FB posts, she mentioned a book that a jr high and high school friend had written. It was "Nordies at Noon." The coauthor (there are 4 ladies) that I went to school with is Patti Balwanz. We played basketball in jr high and swam when we were freshmen. She continued on to be a great high school athelete in many sports. The book is the story of these 4 women, each diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 30. I knew the ending thanks to the FB post, and absolutely bawled my way through the book last night. Patti was diagnosed at 24, and passed away at 29. Wow. We were still invincible at 24, weren't we? Tom came home at midnight (I worked yesterday, so was up at 0430 - why still at midnight?) to find the lights on - he was worried that one of the boys was sick. Nope, just me, reading and crying, a mountain of kleenex on our bed, and Conan on the TV. I hate Conan, but couldn't be bothered to change the channel. I hope I never need it as a resource, but what an inspiring, tragic, breast cancer book. I think it's time to go feel my boobies now. It's been a while. I turn 35 this year - my mom was 45 when diagnosed with BC the first time. Gotta get that first mammogram this summer, too.

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