Thursday, September 25, 2008

Superheros, Undies and Soccer

Evan playing soccer, Colby watching soccer holding his buddy's very special fillup tractor, and a weekend outing to Meramec Cave earlier in the month.

E's bizarre bedtime conversation...

Mom, can you fix a broken head?
Well, it depends on where and how hard you hit your head. But it's a definite hospital stay, so let's not do it, whaddya say?
I was thinking, if I was a superhero and hit the bad guy with a brick in the front and the back and the very back and...
Good night, Superhero. Close your eyes, close your mouth.

Colby is in day 4 of underwear. It's about the third time I've tried this, and maybe it's finally working. 4 changes of clothes on Monday. None today. Woohoo!! He certainly has not been like his brother to potty train. E was much easier and less stubborn. C would prefer to just be naked, and really isn't bothered by wet undies. I want to be done with diapers, but he could care less. I can count the number of accidents E had on one hand since we put him in undies, including at night.

For those of you who thought you were coming to a soccer game and then C's birthday party, the game got moved... to tonight. There was a miscommunication and we thought it was practice. Oops, nope, game. We lost 0-2. E had fun, got a little exercise, and all was ok.

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