Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday & Welcome Back

Yesterday was my dad's 67th birthday. I did call and wish him a happy birthday, twice. Colby gets mad if he doesn't get to talk on the phone, so we called a second time - happy birthday papaw, wuv you, goonight. As Tom has worked evenings for the last 3 months, we call him at work and tell him about our evening. So to Colby, every phone call ends in wuv you, goonight.

For those interested, Tom is working on the trim in the kitchen this morning- 4 months of hard work, 3 hours at a time in the mornings and all day on Mondays. When he goes to days next week, his dad can move the morning coffee/ work session across town to Tom's sister's house. Aunt Buckie is packing up and moving today and tomorrow. Perhaps a bit bittersweet for her as she is leaving the last place she and Uncle Al lived together, but we are all happy to have her in town. Evan has heard the stories of his older cousins when they lived across the street from Aunt Buck the last time they were here, and he is ready to create his own memories. He asked this morning as we were walking to school if he could ride the bus home to Buckie's house. Not today - movers won't be here until tomorrow. He wanted to buy her 2 carseats for her birthday. Welcome home, Buckie!

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celticmystyc said...

Coollll.. Diggin' the blog, before you know it, you'll be posting pictures and all kinds of crap.

LOVE reading about the boys. And give our love to Aunt Buckie!!