Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Question for the Day

Evan's question for the day, 9/22/08:

Do dogs and people go to the same cemetery?

Good question, but we don't have a dog, and won't have a dog. Nobody has died since Uncle Albert in May, so I just had to wonder where that came from. Tom answered it - he buried his dog in the woods. Papaw didn't think it should be buried in their yard in the city, and Tom thought the dog should be able to run in the country. It just led to more ?'s about dogs running free. Good night, Evan, you're stalling sleeping.

Colby's conversation for the day, 9/22/08:

As I pick him up from library, his first adventure on his own as a toddler...
M: Did you have a good time at Library?
C: Where?
M: Where did you just spend an hour?
C: Here, at the "libary?"
M: Yes, at the library.
C: What did we do here?

C's fascination for the week, and foreseeable future is a catalog of farm implements and dealers from Napa. Other folks pick out houses from these magazines, but C has latched on to tractors. Mommy, read my story. What dat tractor doing? They are all "fill-up" tractors - anything with a scoop or bucket. Lookatdat fill-up tractor.

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Annie Wharton said...

papa Jim and him will have a lot in common...Now you and Shaun both are making me fill bad at not catching up on my blog...maybe soon...love the pics and the updates