Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

I was going to try a Wordless Wednesday, but thought I should update from Sunday night's post. 

Dr. Brandt was called in on Sunday evening for another lady's complications and stuck his head in to see us, too.  He didn't have a clear plan for the daylight any more than I did.  So... consents were signed for any possible scenario, and back to the OR on Monday we went.  He opened the incision, washed out with saline and antibiotic solution, placed a new implant and left a drain.  Oh, Jackson-Pratt, how I dislike you!  Three surgeries now in 6 months - there are no nerves left to feel pain near the incisions.  But the drain is kinda like being poked with a sharp knife, every time I move.  When it quits draining fluid, it can come out - probably in a week or so.  This was the best scenario of the choices we had to choose from.  I was going to be one unhappy patient if I had an implant on one side and a bra prosthesis on the other!  And my tolerance for intervention is lowering by the procedure, so I am not sure if I would have re-stretched and attempted reconstruction 6 months from now.  We braved the foot of snow and -10 temps to come home late on Monday night.

The Wonderful part of Wednesday?  I feel good enough to go to class.  Far from great, but I can sit through orientation and a lecture.  There is still forward motion in my life.  Cancer and its treatment has consumed me mentally and physically for far too long.  I am ready to focus on something outside of myself.

Bring it on, Grad School!


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