Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowed In Sunday Edition

So... implants went in last Monday, Surgery was pretty smooth, and we were alome about 2 pm. Tuesday was uneventful. Wednesday was a wonderful shower~ 20 minutes of heaven. By Thursday I was off of pain meds & feeling pretty dang decent. But my incision was a little red & draining. By Friday, there was no denying. It was ugly. So off to the doc we went, and he was quick to send me from the posh West County office to the Big Hospital downtown, also known as "work" to be admitted. And here I still am, in the middle of a bitter winter storm. Dr. Brandt's surgery day here is Monday, so we are here if he thinks the implant needs to be removed in the morning. His debate Friday was just where the infection really is. If it's in the tissue, it should respond to IV antibiotics. If it's in the space where the implant is, it won't get better with antibiotics and it will have to be removed. Which means another surgery to put an expander implant back in. And re-stretching radiated skin, whick does not work well. And yet another surgery to put an implant back in. And at 7 pm on Sunday night, I still don't have a good idea how tomorrow will go. It looks better than Friday, but that skin is discolored from the radiation anyway, It is hard for me to tell. My white count was not elevated on Friday, so no real signs of overwhelming infection. I have not had a fever at all. The antibiotic dose in my blood today was low, so doses of 2 were increased. I am npo forsurgery tomorrow, but really hoping to escape that and go home with several weeks of abx - maybe IV, maybe po. Ten inches of snow fell today, and temps in the negative in the world outside. School is canceled- my bet is until Wednesday. Cause we haven't been home for 2 weeks already! The boys are so x-box overloaded by now. My 23 hour surgery observation floor has been turned into a staff hotel. My day nurse slept down the hall last night, and I think she is staying tonight too. In my 15 years, I have never had to stay here. I hope management is taking care of them with food vouchers and combat pay. There is an Applebee's and hotel attached to the complex. Applebee's closed today. Aww, comeon, we are a captive crowd, The boys and my mom are snuggled in at home. A crazy friend ventured out to take them pizza. Friends and family delivered milk, eggs and bread before the weather turned. There is 30 or so crock pot meals she can cook as long as we have power. And the parents are not home to kick them outside or turn off the electronics, so enjoy the party, Kids! Tom has been with me since Saturday afternoon. But this is a really lousy romantic get-away, I must say, But he does take good care of me, and keeps me from going stir-crazy. And that is the snowed in Sunday edition. I am so glad the techno-hubs figured out nook blogging, but will be glad to get home to our real computer! Forgive the typos as I might be nook keyboard challenged.


Vicky said...

Hugs and prayers for all you are going through! Reconstruction is the one thing my doc will not approve in my case and I can see why :) I pray all goes well!

Marcy Buckles said...

Wednesday is a better day than Sunday. Prayers answered.