Thursday, November 13, 2008

It Didn't Kill Me

We did something tonight, E and I. I signed him up for an exercise class at the local rec plex. He wanted to play basketball before we left. I did play with him, and it didn't kill me. When I posted the "Accountability" post almost a month ago, we had played kickball after school several nights in a row. I hurt horribly from muscles that haven't been used. Three weeks for me at the rec plex and C-man going to the daycare in the mornings hasn't killed me! I *almost* like it. C can go to E's exercise class next week - I did't realize he was old enough - and maybe they'll both come home tired enough to sleep! The scale hasn't budged - I do like to eat - but I feel better, and maybe I will train with E in the spring for his race.

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Steve Elkins said...

Good for you...very glad to hear that this exercise didn't kill you! It takes a little getting used to, but the soreness always gets better!