Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ho hum

Ho hum, life is moving along. It's not too exciting in the cornfield, which is just fine with us.

Tom is studying for his CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Analyst exam, which really means he has a legit excuse to come home, take over the computer and hide in the basement. But he does laundry while he's studying, so it's ok with me. When I start screeching at the kids, he surfaces and sends me to bed.

Evan - still up several times at night, but not up for very long. I really think the kid believes he can't go to sleep without one of us there. He wakes up, comes to find me, I tuck him back in and sit in the living room for 10-20 minutes, and I go back to bed, several times a night. He's pretty excited to decorate for Christmas on Friday, at least until the first friend calls. Then he'll ditch me, I'm sure.

Colby - stealing E's nintendo every chance he gets, and wreaking havoc. He's watching Dora Saves the Puppies for the 47th time this week, and I should be cleaning the toy room while he's busy.

Me - had to work a bit extra, but I'll enjoy it in the paycheck. Working for a large employer, employee satisfaction isn't high on their list, but I've paid my dues. Next time, I'll be sure to come to work with my 103 fever and share it with all my coworkers and patients. My mother told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all, so I'll move on.

We are looking forward to a quiet long weekend. T-day is at the local parentals - just 8 of us, which will be nice. Decorate and veg on Friday, maybe a train show and/ or a craft show on the weekend. I'm not brave enough to take kids out on Friday, so maybe I'll net-shop.

My brother leaves DC tomorrow for his home and terminal leave. He has been separated from his family by Uncle Sam for 17 months, hating most every minute of it. I can't believe he is finishing 20 years in the Navy in February. Wow, he's old!! Good luck with the integration - while I am sure my SIL can't wait to have help surviving this game called life, she's also gotten the house and the kids on her schedule and groove, and he's coming home to retirement. Don't you have someplace to go everyday? Do you have a job yet? Seriously, I am proud of you, Big Bro. Congratulations, and you deserve a little time off.

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Steve Elkins said...

Sounds like you have everything in order! I'm ready for the turkey and a nap myself. Going to be quiet around here too - only two stops to make on Thanksgiving; atleast I'll be able to see all my kids! Have a great Thanksgiving!