Saturday, January 14, 2012


My word for 2012.  Dave Ramsey's Gazelle focus.  Intensity.  Purpose.  Planned. 

I have tossed out a plan for Summer/ Fall 2014 for building our house.  This will require Gazelle intensity and focus.  Mostly full-time work hours on my part.  $37000 gone in 36 months.  Damn Dave Ramsey, he is going to ruin my life, but only temporarily.  Money and food issues go hand in hand, so maybe if one is under control, the other might fall in line more as well.  If I am at work more, I can't randomly munch at home during the day.  If I am at work more, I don't ride the evil bike, but certainly get in 10K a day in steps.  If I am at work more, I am earning more, we can get some elbow room sooner and the dog that the boys want sooner.  Gazelle intensity to achieve some goals before age 40...

I redid the boys' room yesterday.  One side is blue, the other tan.  Gone are the bunk beds, in their place 2 twins, foot-to-foot.  Their first night held T & S as well as E & C.  Still, our boys like to have someone else next to them.  E says he wants his own space, C didn't at all.  We are so so lucky that our boys don't fight (yet).  They fight the bad guys together.  Not me-vs-you, but us-vs-them.  E wants a 3ds, so a trip to Gamestop to trade in his dsi and a few games.  "I can't trade that one in, cause C still likes to play it, even thought it's my game."  I love that boy!

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