Thursday, July 21, 2011

Growing Up

Sent the Big Kid to his first away camp a few days ago.  A few hours before, the Little Kid lost his first tooth.  I'm not ready for them to both be this grown up!

The tooth fairies did not communicate well, so had to sneak money on the table (where good boys leave their teeth in a "tooth fairy" jar) while the Little was deeply engrossed in SpongeBob.  So glad he forgot about the tooth fairy! 

I can not get this kid to keep his eyes open for pics, and the pics without the flash are blurry, shoot!  And I just realized in looking at these, that the Little starts kdg in less than a month, is almost 6 years old, and I still have childproof locks on the bookshelf doors, just hanging there in the background.

The Big made it the first night, but called home about 11 pm on night #2.  I realized when I washed their bedsheets that he did not have the favorite pillow, animal or brother.  I'm not surprised a bit he got upset!  It's 100 + outside, sleeping in a tent, and while he was surrounded by 8 of his best buddies, he has slept with his brother in a comfy bed every night for the last 3 years.  Did not sound like fun to me from the get-go! But he had a great time, and I am so thankful there are adults who really do enjoy the heat and fun of Boy Scout camp.

And I am thankful for my new washer to deal with the 2 loads of lovely smelling laundry he brought home!

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