Monday, August 23, 2010

Bucket List Review

So how did we do this summer?

Ride a train  To Columbia to spend a long weekend with Grandpa and Annie
Six Flags
Raging Rivers   While we didn't make it there, we did Holiday World.  Close enough!

St. Jacob Park  Colby and I on the way home from speech one day.
Play with friends

Science Center     Twice!  Once with G'pa and Annie, once with Austin.
Botanical Gardens
Confluence Point
Tractor-hunting     Don't we always tractor hunt?  We are surrounded by cornfields!
New Salem Log Cabins
Korte Rec Center
Camping with G'ma and G'pa B
Dairy Queen   And the new Dairy King 2 blocks away!
PB & Jam
Drive-in movie - ?Shrek?     Shrek and Toy Story 3.  Evan had a great time. Colby was too tired!
Collinsville Water Park
Grant's Farm

And Evan did 2 weeks of classes at SWIC - science experiments and computer game programming.  And Evan and Colby did 2 arts and crafts days at KC.  And they each had 2 days at the zoo, so 4 times there.  And Evan's overnight at Camp Joy, in a tent, in the storm, then in the truck.  And Boy Scout camp at Silver Lake.  And a few days with my mom and sister.  And a half-hearted attempt at swim lessons - Colby had an ear infection by day 3 and Evan missed the 2nd half with a SWIC class.   And we only missed 1 speech morning.  And I still worked 20 hrs/ week except for the vacation week at Holiday World and the week Tom went to DC for Juniper Router school.  And I am so glad school has started, so I can catch up on housework and sleep!