Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Laugh For My Husband

No, it's not a Love Note on Valentine's Day. It's a laugh note. It's just a silly story. We are two different people, who happened to choose to be together. Ya don't just fall into or out of love. It doesn't happen by accident. It is a choice, and a labor, this love thing.

We have First Communion coming up in May. Tom is starting to realize that I have a long list of things to get done before we have a houseful of family over. I want to show off what he has done, the hard work he has put into making our house a home. I am cleaning out closets and going through stuff so our world doesn't seem so cluttered to me. My boys don't see it often, but extra, unused, leftover stuff makes me crazy and claustrophobic. I was working on stuff for the accountant for taxes a few weeks ago (yes, i am OCD, and he had the tax info about Feb. 3). I found pics of donations I had made last year. One of which is navy curtains from the last version of the boys room (after the baby decor, before the large jungle/ volcano wallpaper and mural). I want new stuff for the bathroom and our bedroom. I found a navy quilt that Tom and I can both agree on. I really wish I wasn't such a tosser/ pitcher/ donater. I would really like those navy curtains about now. The ones I gave to goodwill a year ago, that I have bought once in my life, and now will buy twice. Dang it!

And my husband? He would have saved them, because he will use/ need/ want them someday again in his life. Dang it! I love him, even when he's right.

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Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. Our Happy Valentine's night was this. Zach went to City Museum for an overnight with Boy Scouts. Madison went to a birthday party sleepover at a hotel. Katie went to Grandmas. We spent 6 hours working on the basement. 2 boxes to donate, 3 tubs for resale shop and a whole lot of garbage in the garage. At 8 pm we had to draw straws for clearing the laundry off the bed or making steak dinner. The basement is coming along great though and I can't wait for the end of drywall dusting! Mark probably had his best valentine in a long time since he is the tosser and I am the saver. I sure hope the garbage truck comes soon so I don't save anything that made it to the garage!