Monday, September 14, 2009


Can I have your paint fingers?

Translation: Will you paint my fingernails, too?
I painted my fingernails for Justin's visitation and funeral, and cause it would keep me from picking at a really short broken nail and making it bleed. I was laying down between the funeral and my 3-11 shift, and Colby climbed in bed and asked me "Can I have your paint fingers?" My response? "Go ask your dad." He has one hand and foot painted a pretty purple. It goes well with the carnival wristband from 3 days ago that he won't take off. "It's pretty." Ok, I'll go with it.

I see a haff-taff!
I see a flag. It may or may not be at half staff. Two soldiers from neighboring towns were killed in Afghanistan this summer, so we saw and talked about flags and why they were at half-staff.

Plane, crane, train, your guess is as good as mine.

"the whole of it"
Can I have that, all of that, the rest of it, or some version along those lines.

Short and sweet.

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