Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Raining Again...

The insurance paperwork from the basement flood is ready to be turned in after Tom looks it over. Let that fun begin!

The excavator was supposed to be here today to dig for the sewer valve, but it's raining again. Maybe tomorrow, when I have to work - great! Papaw, where are you? Come and babysit the workers when it's not raining again.

Three out of 4 Wednesday night baseball games have been rained out. We have a make-up scheduled tonight - let's see if that happens, since it's raining again...

It's the first full week of summer vacation. The kids are running and screaming (and laughing) upstairs with the neighbor kid who is a teenager. We're stuck inside because it's raining again.

I think I need to find some vitamin D and a "happy" light for Seasonal Affective Disorder because it's raining again.

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