Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boy Scouts & Life Lessons

We made a cake. Ok, Evan made a cake. I supervised and did my best to keep my hands out of it. I gave him the choice of a tree or snowman to help me figure out what candy stuff to buy. I did the icing on the cake, Tom put circles on for the body, and Evan did all the candy decorating. It's for a Scout party that he isn't going to, but he will still get a cooking merit badge for the cake. Tom made plaques for 1-3 places. Evan broke my heart, but it's a life lesson he has really already learned. Sometimes, parents get carried away in these projects, and the kids never get their hands on them, but yet it's supposed to be "theirs." And sometimes those d@#$ parents win design trophies for their kids and the kids who did their own work get nothing. It's not rocket science to know what was done by a 6 yr old vs a 46 yr old.

"Mom, it kinda looks stupid. Everyone else's is gonna look better. Mine's not gonna win."
"But you did it, Evan. It's all yours. We helped with the hard parts, but it's your cake, and I'm proud of you for doing all the work."

Growing up is hard to do, and I hate it when my kid is disappointed, especially in himself. I think it's a cute snowman, and looks quite tasty.


Susan said...

I think he did an AWESOME job! LOOKS GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Evan - good job - keep up the great work. klm